Book Orders….

Welcome to book ordering.

You can order your copy of ‘ Getting away with it’  by clicking the link on the top right hand corner of this page…

Even if you do not have a pay pal account you can still use this link to pay by your credit or debit card.

(or you could just catch me on a Sunday)

Thank You!

Enjoy the ad.. (it cost a lot of money)

finally for those that want to download.. (kindle and others)



2 thoughts on “Book Orders….

  1. Hi Dave

    would really like to get my hands on a book (or three – will be excellent christmas presents i’m sure). How do i go about getting that done? Would be great to catch up, and who knows, maybe even travel somewhere again soon. I have a week i need to take off from work at some point before April…

    big love

    Peter Williams


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