Steel beams and the Scottish Doctor…

The off road commutes in a diesel 4X4 are a bit unpredictable but do-able although a visit to the reputedly first Malawi mission in Makuzi does bring travel into perspective. Against all odds and in cahoots with Livingstone, Dr James Stuart and team knocked up a huge church base on the edge of the lake and a safe-ish distance from the local Muslim converts. A quick internal inspection of this monster, displays a steel based roof construct which is staggering by any standards and importing the beams from his homeland must have been a major feat in the 19th century. Pre WWW and 4X4 presumably the doctor must have popped a note into the hand of someone.

“Please send some large Scottish steel beams and someone to drag them across Mozambique”.

In the shadow of the Dr Jim’s malaria plagued contribution, a Mosquito net demo to local mums was taking place.

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