Joyce and the jet set….

Joyce Banda’s trip into Malawi presidency promised so much, mainly because there was so much to do and five months into her reign, the honeymoon gloss is starting to show some chasms. Floating the shaky Kwacha was a brave move even after a 40% devaluation and few investors were convinced to the extent that Forex, rather like a Malawi menu, is more aspirational than realistic.


The promised sale of the redundant presidential jet has yet to take place and the fuel supply chain is so delicate that five hour fuel queues materialise on a whisper. An illegal but an unenforced black market rockets the only available diesel to an eye watering £3.00 per litre.


Hoarding Francis Maude style is rife, although the 10 badly worn 50 litre drums of diesel homed overnight in the foyer of our lodge did not make for a sound sleep.

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