Churches aloud…

Church on Sunday is big in the villages. Buildings of variable design and state of construction litter the landscape. Often doubling as village halls and schools and there are of course the more tradition versions left from the heady days of colonialism. Our wood slat extended hut has the added attraction that the gaps between the uneven rough boards provide a good view of the surrounding vivid countryside and a crude form of air conditioning.


Loud, long and vibrant are inadequate adjectives to describe the proceedings and celebrating everything and bit more by those who have so little is a humbling experience. Curiously an intermittent power supply has introduced a form of PA system which once seen and heard, should put paid to any complaints in any MED country.  A Heath-Robinson combo of a defunct guitar amp and a pre-war Casio 101, produced a distorted sound and magnitude which had to heard to be believed.


Meanwhile a toddler carefully inspected the bare-wire and matchstick connection to the cracked plastic mains socket.

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