The Mugger Regrets..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEngaging with the Kibera community occasionally has unintended consequences. The vision behind the fledgling Kibera football team was to give a positive focus to the young Kibera males whilst creating a forum for discussion and promoting harmony amongst rival groupings. A playful mix of Muslims, Christians, and no faith lads numbering around 40 meet regularly on the bizarrely located scout grounds a few hundred metres from the edge of the sprawling slum under the careful eye of Mark and Will.

Recently a leader from the community centre took a short cut across the slum and had his smart phone extracted with the aid of the business end of a hand pistol. Within two hours the smart phone was returned by two new members of the football team who had witnessed the incident from a distance and were a bit miffed by the treatment of their new friend.

A verbal message from the mugger expressed his regrets for the inconvenience with the helpful advice that this particular thoroughfare was not the safest whilst travelling solo.

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