Market Forces

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe drive from the lodge to the edge of Kibera is by African standards unremarkable and commenced with the usual terrifying free for all round a huge roundabout, whilst maintaining no more than a nanometre of separation between vehicles. Follow this by a game of “avoid the pot-hole on a non-metalled road whilst retaining at least some breakfast in your stomach” game, and then top this off with a “let’s park a none 4×4 vehicle on a 45 degree mud slope at high speed” finale, and the day is set.

Millicent’s morning was remarkable however. Apologising for being late she arrived immaculately turned out complete with traditional hat and stated that she was ready for her day of training. Upon enquiry it became clear that her small business in one of the Kibera markets had been devastated by a huge fire that had blazed overnight unchecked. Ramshackled and partially planned, there is little room down the narrow muddy footpaths for the disinterested fire service. Self-help and fortitude are not optional qualities in Kibera.

Meanwhile through tired eyes Millicent declared that this morning she was here to learn.

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