Pressing Official Checks…

DSC00080Arriving at the edge of the titanic straggling sea of metal-corrugated roofed dwellings always evokes mixed emotions. Kibera is just plain vast and although the statistic are sketchy, at least a million souls occupy this huge unplanned settlement. Some of them have become our friends and this makes the affront personal. The sad reality is that we are but one of an ocean of NGOs doing their bit with little coordination, cooperation or consideration, but we can’t just walk; it would rupture the heart.

Trainee attendance numbered over 120 on the first day and the official government observers blended easily into the crowds. After due process the training sessions passed muster and the national press were invited to pass comment. Cell phone interviews are tricky and our accents did not communicate too well but Kibera hit the national sports pages that night. Positive news and government approved.

Baby steps…

press kibera

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