Coaching the Coaches…

DSC00088Less than 400 metres from the defined perimeter of the corrugated slum dwellings is the National Kenyan Scout Association Camp headquarters. Nestling in lush managed leafy woods, it allows Kenya’s young middle classes a safe place to connect with nature, whilst nurturing the finer qualities of character: Visually anchored by large painted signs urging honour, kindness and integrity.

An agreement to rent an area of their soggy flat ground to facilitate the training of soccer coaches enabled around sixty hyper-enthusiastic young men and five women to encounter an intensive training programme over four days. Ninety percent are not employed. One hundred percent were committed to tapping Kenya’s insatiable appetite for football and to engage the young positively. Pockets of success can already be measured in the crime figures. Gun death reduction shouts the loudest.

Just half a kilometre further away from the Scout ground, several ponies from the polo club were being exercised alongside the entrance to the ‘Kenya Experience’ theme park…


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