Masai Cows, Baboons and the Pickup

DSC00117Perhaps arriving at the training ground riding somewhat briskly on the back of an open pickup truck along with too-many-to-count raucous co-passengers was a little unkind. The UK coaches, although well briefed and trained in security and possible ambush, failed to spot the solo white passenger amidst the high volume mayhem, until the pickup was centre field.

Coaching under such circumstances requires a high degree of flexibility, adaptability and ingenuity. The rains have started early, quickly reducing the ground to iron-rich red slurry, cementing on contact. Adapting training drills to culture whilst improvising equipment using anything that comes to hand are essential requisites if the training was to transpose to the Kibera townships.

Removing a small heard of Masai cows from the training area is also part of the deal. Keeping a rumpus of baboons at bay required some determination and cunning. Coloured cones and tennis balls are by any measure primate-desirable.


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