Mud on a Sunday…

DSC00077True, the part built ICA Kibera Community Centre does boast a roof of sorts. Supported by temporary steels and gash timber, the loose canvas covering has long since passed its use-by-date. The rains have come early and the water congregates in sagging canvas bulges until either the cotton parts company or an updraft releases the liquid on mass. A deluge of water is not uncommon for those below and slightly more alarming, the targeting of live mains is uncanny. Meanwhile the rich red mud takes on a new life and attaches itself with a passion to any surface, working its way through the building rather than around it.

All this conspires to declare the Sunday church celebration more remarkable and a true privilege to witness. At an ear blistering volume, and with an energetic enthusiasm that is off the scale, they released an authentic outpouring, that is an infectious as it is tangible, melting the hardest of hearts.

Several hundred Kibera residents on fire. This really is a welcoming genuine community that believes faithfully, revels in hope and is prepared to do something about it.

DSC00081kibera roofDSC07315

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