70Regular reality checks are vital for sanity and focus.  An audible outcry for reassurance on the Kibera project resulted in a rude awakening in the very early hours with the word, ‘Baobab’ echoing and imprinted. This was duly transferred to a yellow post-it to allow some rest and investigation at a more saintly hour.

Daylight googling reveals images that would induce a schoolboy to giggle and a startling rubric.

The baobab tree is known as the tree of life, with good reason. It can provide shelter, clothing, food, and water for the animal and human inhabitants in the African savannah. It has a fire resistant bark that can be used for rope and cloth, and leaves that are used for condiments and medicine, and can live for thousands of years.”

I’ll take that. Kibera can take that. The traveling training teams can take that, and all our supporters should take that.

Although, eating warmed brie late at night might….

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