Electric Dogs…

DSC00121Rosa Mystica is the UK team lodge of choice. Delicately accented in rose and lilac it provides welcome respite from the day’s toils and challenges, as bunking in Kibera itself is not a realistic option for azungu. Quirky yet welcoming, Rosa provides the basic needs of breakfast, mosquito nets, mains wired kettle heaters attached to shower heads and copious amounts of friendly nuns.

David, the security guard and his team man the fortified entrance. Welded steel framed shutter bars protect the stairwells and windows, whilst the high perimeter walls are topped with electric fences; the diesel generator usually groans into action to bridge the power outages.

On night duty, guard dogs are loosed to patrol and ward off the unwelcome. Un-syncopated night time howling is a much practised art form that is dispensed unceasingly at a volume that render industrial earplugs impotent.

Overnight a sizeable but elderly bus materialised in the courtyard having deposited two of it’s side windows in tiny fragments on the drive…

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