Thirty Two Eyes

DSC00124Invitations to visit ‘good works’ in Kibera are frequent but not always feasible or practical during our busy training schedules. Many NGOs display their credentials in bold graphics but experience teaches that the reality can be more aspirational then realistic. An invitation to the ‘Shape Africa Foundation’ centre in Soweto was agreed via the Kibera Football Academy training. A group of Kibera ‘youths’ (young adults)  who have had some educational breaks, dedicate themselves to making a difference to slum children, many parentless and some homeless, all with chaotic lives.

The 4×4 managed the wider tracks but on-foot agility is required to navigate the narrow foul water alleys to the double story shacks that many vulnerable children find respite. A mixture of education, recreation, food and for some, accommodation is offered from an impossibly tiny shack footprint.

From the darker depths of a windowless tin walled room, thirty two bright eyes met our gaze.


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