The Wall…

DSC00231 The Kenyan National Scout ground and the Nairobi Polo Club juxtapositions the sprawling ultra-high density Kibera Kianda district with breath-taking audacity. The vast grounds perimeter wire fence has long been a useful source of shack building materials and dodgy scrap metal income, and exposing the scouts to armed ambush much to the frustration of the of the over-stretched Scout security.


A huge reinforced concrete perimeter wall has become a mammoth project that would cause Hadrian to wheeze is under construction. Protecting people and assets is laudable and it is too easy to judge in terms of economic and social apartheid. The Kenyan Scout Association are kindly letting us use an open area for Kibera Soccer Academy training.


Through hardened necessity the Kianda residents of course, have their own unique but  positive perspective. When protecting their modest possession the robbers no longer have the Scout’s woods to escape to or hide. Muggings alongside the Scout ground perimeter is noticeably on the decline. DSC00276

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