The Number Games.

dsc00501Subject overview matrices, lesson planning, development and learning outcome assessments are in integral and important part of ensuring consistency and quality of delivery and learning in any teaching environment. Predicting the likely turnout in Kibera across the three teaching streams is a conundrum of Rubik proportions.

The micro enterprise development team forged on valiantly with their sixty plus strong turnout. (Fifteen were predicted) as they grappled with the finer points of developing fledgling businesses with the support of micro loans, whilst exploring USPs and the rudiments of basic book keeping. Entrepreneurial spirit is in plentiful supply; access to basic financial services is practically none existent. Shylock  loans have incalculable interest rates attached to brutal summary justice consequences, which are likely to knock the wind out of a green shoot business well before the breakfast chapatti and chai.

Four percent per day (not unusual for a one day tomato seller loan) compounded for three hundred and sixty five days without any repayment on a five dollar Kenyan Shilling equivalent loan results in a staggering eight million plus dollar debt.

Without a seismic attitude change and some serious support, the poor and disadvantaged will stay precisely that.



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