Beautiful Intentions…

dsc00532 The recent whiff of alleged financial impropriety and questionable integrity clearly does not limit itself to the upper echelons of English soccer. The demand for the Kibera football academy for coaches was outstripping supply and meaningful progression under the capable boots of our UK trainers.

Rumours abounded of personal financial interest and darker motives by the resident Kibera Saints Coaches who coordinate communication on this fragment of the vast Kibera slum. Nothing could be further from the truth of course as our local coordinators work tirelessly with a number of teams entirely voluntarily. School attendance, conflict resolution, sexual health, respect and gang culture are all part of the post training talks and gun crime is noticeably reduced in the locality.

The training on the rough land adjacent to the slum continued raucously under the unforgiving Kenyan sun. The dust, the baboons, and a wedding proved only minor inconveniences to the training. The warthog kept his distance.


dsc00539 dsc00503 dsc00540

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