Underground Overground…

dsc00522With minimal warning government plant has unceremoniously razed to zero scores of the tin shack dwellings to excavate a two metre diameter trench along the slum perimeter outlined by the foul water stream.  Flying toilets, (excrement in a bag, centrifugally launched post use) is the preferred method of waste disposal as visiting the few pay-as-you-go pit latrines implies a cost and demands a stomach of impossible strength. These are serviced and slopped out by shovel into honey wagons by  super-humans who presumably have become immune to inevitable heat-fuelled stench.

In place of the demolition, a newly laid preformed concrete sewer has been installed for the needs of the entrepreneurial developers of the surrounding higher and flatter land whose government leases are up for grabs by the highest bidder. There is no service to the Kibera residents of course; Juxtapositioning with irony of  teeth-kicking proportions.

Proponents of trickledown economics would point out that the nearly buried sewer pipes provide new opportunities as the tiny strips of land are hurriedly covered with rubble and rebuilt with stick and mud dwellings ready for rent. The strongest and mightiest on the slum would agree.








(The team have now returned to the UK and are continuing to support the developmental projects via the web. The real work takes place by those who continue to live and work on Kibera, selflessly putting the training and projects into action on a daily basis.)

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