Runway Dance off…

DSC00737Kibera myopia can easily distract from ongoing tragedies not so far away. As South Sudan has recently been reported the most dangerous place in the world for aid workers, it is all the more remarkable that our good friend Rob Rass recently joined the volunteer Kibera team direct from South Sudan as part of his rest and recreation time.

Rob writes from South Sudan…

The rainy season beats hard on the clay-like soil, turning the land quickly into a swamp. Rain often is a blessing but in this case, it hampers the chance of getting life-saving aid being brought in. The biggest factor for us was that airstrip was in great need of rehabilitation to grant access to our planes. The women in the community knew the value of these efforts. At least two hundred gathered, sang and danced as they levelled the airstrip, creating channels and dams to deal with troublesome water. Once the work was done, they gathered together for a mighty dance-off to celebrate the strength in their community and do what they can to live well against the odds.

Thank you Rob.


Rob Rass works for Medair and is currently lives and works in South Sudan

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