12 Step Bhang…

DSC00040According to our Narcotics 12 step teaching programme, addiction has little respect for class, race or wealth. The choice of drug however is strictly related to financial capacity, availability and demand. Changaa, a low quality alcoholic brew that is locally concocted and sold for a few shillings, is widely available and largely overlooked by the authorities for small considerations.


Bhang, a form of weed is readily available, usually smoked but sometimes made into a drink, has become part of the Kibera gang economy. Whilst stoking crime, belonging and being part of something meets a basic human need often lacking amongst Kibera’s young males.


As financial trickledown slowly permeates Kibera, a raft of more exotic recreational chemicals await to fill the voids. Meanwhile glue provides a cheap and plentiful alternative.






These writings are inspired and usually penned whilst in the field working with our friends who live and work in Kibera and it is hoped that they bring insight, understanding and a provocation that the status-quo is unacceptable. Please feel free to unsubscribe or share as appropriate. Any opinions implied or expressed are my own and names may have been changed for the sake of privacy.

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