Shylock’s Phoenix…

Toi1Devastating fires occur with alarming regularity on the Kibera slum. Informally acquired mains power and open charcoal stoves conspire with densely packed shacks and kiosks constructed mainly of branch wood. Conflagration is inevitable and this time it was Toi market’s turn.

An essential business node that allow Kibera’s residents to trade and maintain a level of financial dignity; the precarious slum economy is fragile with few legal financial alternatives. The tightly packed market was destroyed in hours to a smoking black dessert. Uninsurable and devastated, Mama along with many others wiped their tears, rolled their sleeves, and began the long rebuild. Within days outline branch frameworks appeared, failure to territory mark would allow cuckoo traders to invade precious trading space.

Rebuilding costs; the Shylocks smiled. Adopting new tech they presence the inter-web with app based instant loans loaded with eye-watering incalculable interest and meshed with scary consequence for non-payment. Sadly two souls who took loans pre-fire could take it no more, paid the debt with their lives. Mama, ever resolute, took the leap with a loan…


A number of people in the UK have expressed an interest to help with a small gift.

Please contact me on if you would like to join them.

Toi3Toi 2



Shylock: Loan shark with consequences.




From the local new:-

These writings are penned whilst in the field working with our friends who live and work in Kibera and it is hoped that they bring insight, understanding and a provocation that the status-quo is unacceptable. Please feel free to unsubscribe or share as appropriate. Any opinions implied or expressed are my own and names may have been changed for the sake of privacy.
Dave Boniface.

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