Dave Boniface was born in Portchester and is married to Sue and has four adult children and eight grand children. At 16 he went to sea, training as a Navigating Officer with a U.K. commercial shipping company. Later, after a number of years in the retail trade, he went back to college and spent several years teaching geography in a local secondary school. He was involved in Sublime Youth Ministries from 1995 – 2006. He travels extensively, often with a team and has spoken at conferences and events and worked in many nations across the world. Currently he is the lead for the New Community Kibera. 

He is also a member of New Community Church Southampton.

The New Community Kibera Project  is a non-profit organisation which seeks to serve the needs and support education, training and youth development projects taking place mainly in Kibera Kenya. The aim is always to encourage independence not dependence; to broker, partner, enable, connect and share resources and ideas sustainably by working directly alongside people and via the world wide web.

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