Flying Toilets Cleared to Land

Kibera’s notorious flying toilets are still an issue for most of its residents. Bagging and chucking human waste seems less prevalent, although open sewers are still plentiful and the river at the base of the Kianda region crawls at a consistency that defies description. Building a washroom and toilet block in the middle of aContinue reading “Flying Toilets Cleared to Land”

Chinese Zebra

Traveling from Jomo Kenyatta International post a two year plus covid enforced separation, reminds the visitor that Beijing has been rather busy with an awful lot of concrete.  Sixteen point eight miles of elevated elegant dual carriageway delicately connect the airport with the capital Nairobi and for a toll, pre-registered vehicles can gracefully rise aboveContinue reading “Chinese Zebra”

Chap Chap…

Nairobi’s notorious transport infrastructure is tightening its stranglehold upon the health and patience of city commuters daily. Eye watering and visible black acrid diesel exhaust choke the peak time air whilst ageing poorly maintained vehicles grind into gridlock on a daily basis. On a main arterial route, six lines of frustration morph into eight annexingContinue reading “Chap Chap…”

Pockets of Hope…

Disposing of any type of waste in Kibera is a huge challenge. Flying toilets, open sewers and informal housing density provide little opportunity and even less incentive to tackle what seems like an impossible problem. Dumping just out of site and open burning do little to mitigate as daily survival takes precedence over longer termContinue reading “Pockets of Hope…”