A mountain full of stones…

Leaving Rwanda was never going to be easy. The exit visa was released 4 hours before check in and the Nairobi bound flight mysteriously took off 30 minutes early, decimating the ‘African time’ rule book. I have met a unique people, determined to push forward and to move mountains stone by stone. The challenges areContinue reading “A mountain full of stones…”

The costly paper-chase ..

Visa overstays however unintentional are inadvisable in a country whose immigration system is complex, and penalties severe. A hasty but welcome visit to the British Consulate, followed by an alarming one to Rwandan immigration resulted in a loss of passport, a sizeable fine, a day or three of bizarre paperwork and an expensive UK boundContinue reading “The costly paper-chase ..”

Police clear the streets..

A tiny misshaped concrete building houses the Giesenye orphan and street children project. Staffed by volunteers and a resident Mamma, 14 of the district’s many orphans are given a baseline home and some sponsored schooling. David, a 20 year old former street boy, orphaned by the 1994 genocide, was helped by local family and isContinue reading “Police clear the streets..”

Kigali on a 125…

The long and convoluted flight via Burundi into Kigali’s tidy but underused international airport was quickly followed by a white knuckle pillion ride upon one of Kigali’s, thousands of 125cc taxi bikes. Riders with suicidal tendencies are given license preferences; the visit to the Genocide Memorial Centre provided a brutal introduction to the country’s recentContinue reading “Kigali on a 125…”

This is it…..The book is in the U.K…

All profits from ‘Getting Away With It’ will go to support the work of Educaid. This is a ‘non-profit’ which seeks to support education and youth development projects taking place mainly in developing countries. From a group of children being taught under the shade of a tree to more established educational organisations, the aim isContinue reading “This is it…..The book is in the U.K…”