Andy Fay on ‘Getting away with it…’

I’ve heard these stories first hand; you can read them now, collected and alongside each other for the first time. It’s hard to credit sometimes that the adventures written about in this book happened to one modest, spectacle-wearing Englishman. All the more remarkable when you realise they were largely self-funded.  then settle down to muse on theContinue reading “Andy Fay on ‘Getting away with it…’”

Fox news… eat your heart out..

The sharp reduction in the village infant mortality rates over the last three years has not gone unnoticed by the local government authorities. One such official attended the certificate presentation ceremony and declared that Links international was merely an NGO service provider, commissioned by his ‘Excellent President’, who would have been providing the service anyway.Continue reading “Fox news… eat your heart out..”

Rain beats a new high…

The torrential rain contributed enthusiastically to the chaos with an impressive, measured steady and deafening 93 decibels against the thin tin roof. My two interpreters stoically raised their gain and their vocal abilities in direct competition to the cacophony whilst the youth workers leaned in close attempting to hear without complaint. Two and hours ofContinue reading “Rain beats a new high…”

£2.00 a litre and a green Mamba..

Rumours of tanker deliveries cause huge queues of driverless vehicles abandoned as place markers outside fuel stations. The black market price has now hit the  500 Kwacha mark per litre (£2.00),  (daily wage £1.20) and the inevitable if not dramatic accidents are taking place as ever hopeful entrepreneurs decant fuel to willing wealthier customers inContinue reading “£2.00 a litre and a green Mamba..”