The Red Cross and Will’s House…

DSC00132Nuzzling the putrid river boundaries of the informal Kibera chaotic sprawl are a good number of modest land plots on government 99 year leases being sold to the bolder developers and entrepreneurs.  The relatively high land prices forces builds skywards, testing rudimentary concrete moulding skills, bamboo scaffolding and the laws of physics way beyond the year 11 textbook base line of learning. Government planning inspectors daub the more offensive and downright dangerous creations with red-paint crosses denoting disapproval and the impending demolition and removal.


The already invisible irony faded into the ether when visiting a friend’s rented shack deep in the Kibera confusion. The recent rains have undermined the none-foundations of the mud and wattle wall, rendering the door frame off-square and the lock useless whilst a nearby unplanned open sewer did little to help and the landlord shrugged.


Our warm welcome quickly eclipsed the physicality. For a brief moment the reality of Kibera life faded whilst friends laughed and enjoyed the moment.


Perspective morphed.

These writings are penned whilst in the field working with our friends who live and work in Kibera and it is hoped that they bring insight, understanding and a provocation that the status-quo is unacceptable. Please feel free to unsubscribe or share as appropriate. Any opinions implied or expressed are my own and names may have been changed for the sake of privacy



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