Suitcase Psychosis…

baggage 4Jomo Kenyatta airport continues to be the centre of aeronautical spectacles. Riding the afternoon sun-heated concrete-fuelled updrafts on approach is not for the faint hearted and rarely fails to satisfy those with severe white-knuckle psychosis. Wheels down heralds the anticipation of comedic tales and rarely does Jomo fail to satisfy.

The rebuilding of the airport arrivals hall post 2013 fire is still in progress. The airside transfer Cobus  driver honed his skills avoiding fresh concrete foundations and black tangled damaged steel, on the way to the ‘temporary’ arrivals hall. Not to be outdone, a baggage snake driver overtook on a curve, launching a suitcase or two onto the tarmac from the lofty summit of a carefully crafted baggage tower, presumable honed by a world Jenga champion.

The sprawling Kibera slum lies only 20 kilometres to the west…

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