Ten Minute Matatu…

matatu 2Like most nation capitals, Nairobi commuter traffic is a challenge and is not for the faint hearted. The weight of people movements exceeds the transport capacity many times over.  Psychotic aggression and a weighty right foot are pre-requisites; indicators and traffic lights are redundant and are superseded by the horn.

The Matatu operators are in a class of their own. Outrageously overloaded, elderly and maintenance bereft, the competition between drivers is brutal. A dispute between council officials and the Matatu drivers degenerated a noisy protest into a full blown riot within minutes on the Ngong Road. Burning barricades and flying concrete rocks reduced the Wednesday evening commute to a frustrated stagnation. Riot police and heavily armed troops restored some semblance of order, leaving our drivers to dodge the burning chicanes and rock strewn road.

Our unintended overrun community health programme that day served its purpose.

Leaving just 10 minutes earlier?…


matatu 1

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