Chaotic Harmony..

DSC00120The community health care training programme has become a victim of its own success. The local training teams have been working hard in the townships impacting where they can and breaking down suspicions and prejudices. Rock-face trainers are viewed as aid workers. When tangibles are not forthcoming then motives are questioned; In Kibera, even altruism has a purpose.

Generated interest and curiosity in the newly tin-roofed community centre packed the training sessions to capacity, turning many away. Thirty folks attended the new level two course, whilst around sixty five first timers boosted by twenty five babies stretched the UK trainers to the gunnels. Group work was lively, loud and chaotic; learning was clearly evident although tricky to track via the plucky interpreters. Ofsted would weep.

Underpinning the symposium were the cooks who whilst slaving over charcoal floor stoves in impossible conditions defied the laws of mathematics; reportedly produced over 130 meals per dayDSC00082.DSC00161


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