The Suitcase…


Avoiding the four hour layover in Doha and the implied three hours added flight times totaled a massive ninety-eight man hour saving across the UK Kibera team. Buying time in terms of a direct flight premium was marginally offset by seasonal pricing and Kenyan Airways (The pride of Kenya) excitement in replacing its ageing flying hardware with plastic Dreamliner jets.

Perhaps it was the assault on the retinas by the inept control of the ultra-bright-daylight-white LED comfort mood lighting strobing into action at three in the morning, (The gentle colour changes will caress your mood and reduce travel fatigue) or it may have been the extra cabin oxygen content permitted by the carbon fibre fuselage that befuddled the brain at the luggage belt.  Either way an identification fail of the copious team equipment luggage resulted in an augmentation of our bag count and an unintentional theft and transport of Mama Gutata’s finest black baggage and her personal belongings across the Nairobi morning traffic chaos to the Rosa Mystica lodge on the Ngong Road.

Red faced texting and an expensive taxi courier eventually reunited Mama and her luggage to an undisclosed rendezvous in downtown Nairobi.


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